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What Drives Investors?

Barchart, a provider of data and technology services to the financial, media and commodity industries, has released the results of a new survey on the stock market: What Drives Retail Investors in 2020. This 20-page comprehensive report provides financial media, wealth management and brokerage firms with a detailed look into the data and financial tools currently driving engagement among retail investors.

Outlined within the stock market survey are responses from three separate audiences: a General Online Audience, surveyed on Facebook; a Business Professional Audience, surveyed on LinkedIn; and, an Active Investor Audience, surveyed on Barchart.com. By collecting responses from three separate audiences, Barchart was able to provide an intricate look into each individual cohort, giving financial and media firms the capability to clearly understand each group and which tools and features matter the most to them.

“Our survey thoroughly outlines how different groups of retail investors and traders, from novice to serious, engage with and monitor the stock market,” says Barchart CEO, Mark Haraburda. “Through the responses we received we were able to uncover a significant amount of information, including everything from the importance of financial news and how often individuals check stock prices to which devices they are using and what types of tools users would like to see more of. Firms serving retail investors and traders will be able to leverage this information to enhance their current platforms and better engage these user groups,” added Haraburda.

Businesses that can benefit from reading the survey include Financial Media, Brokerage, Wealth Management and Personal Finance firms who are faced with the challenge of providing their users with engaging financial tools, news and features for monitoring and trading stocks. The report provides a variety of conclusions on how to actively engage retail investors and traders, including: how to differentiate from Big Tech competition; the importance of a premium desktop platform; and, opportunities within the business professional segment.

Some of the findings were:

44% of the General Online Audience checked stock quotes on their handheld.

94% of the Active Investor Audience checks their stock quotes on a daily basis or more often.

27% of the General Online Audience doesn’t know if they are getting real-time or delayed stock quotes.

80% of ALL respondents check their stock prices from financial media.

50% of the Business Professional Audience wants more investment research.

To download the survey, please click here. To use and explore Barchart’s own tools and features made available for retail investors and traders, including both free and premium services, please visit www.barchart.com.