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Trading in Hong Kong Report

A new report by Equinix and Kapronasia
The financial ties between Hong Kong and the Mainland are hard to over emphasize, and the changing nature of the interaction between the two is of central importance to the “Trading In Hong Kong” report released by Equinix and Equinix_Trading_in_Hong_Kong_thumbKapronasia, which is written as part of a four part series to also cover trading trends in Singapore, Sydney and China.
When combined with the updates on the latest technologies being rolled out by the Hong Kong Exchange, including the Orion Market Data Platform and changes to the centralized clearing and settlement of Hong Kong’s derivatives trading, the report gives valuable insight to the background of, and current evolving trends in Hong Kong.
In order to maximize opportunities, companies must be aware of the myriad challenges presented by doing business in Asia. One of the main problems is the diversification of markets across the region. There are more than 20 electronic trading venues in Asia and nearly 50 exchanges, each with its own rules for doing business as well as their own opening hours, market structures and regulatory considerations. Asia’s geographic spread presents another challenge.
Read the full version of ‘Trading in Hong Kong’ report here.


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