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Successful Start to Trading on new APX

Sydney 6 March 2014: Asia Pacific Stock Exchange (APX) successfully commenced trading as a new Australian stock exchange at 11 am today with trading commencing in the initial listings Australia Samly Holdings Limited (APX Code: 8SA) and ZhongHuanYun Holdings Group Limited (APX Code: 8ZH).
At a ceremony to mark the occasion, APX Chairman Ray Schoer said, “APX is now open for business. This is the first day of building APX as a significant venue for Australian and Asian corporates and investors to trade shares, raise capital, and build businesses.
“APX will be a catalyst for greater capital flows and business links between Australia and Asia.  We are building a marketplace that will offer corporates in Australia, China and the rest of Asia a real alternative when they are seeking to raise capital and find a home where their growth ambitions will be nurtured and supported.”
APX has a healthy pipeline of listing prospects and said it expected to list between five and ten more companies during 2014.  APX currently has fourteen sponsors and four approved brokers.
David Lawrence, Chief Operating Officer of the Asia Pacific Stock Exchange said, “We look forward to introducing greater competition and innovation for listing services in Australia.  For China and other Asia domiciled businesses, we offer an attractive venue with access to institutional and retail investors. For Australian companies looking to expand their network and business in Asia, a listing on APX is a great alternative and an opportunity to broaden their investor base and attract Asian capital.
“We are very pleased the initial trading and operations are going smoothly.  While volumes and trading activity are of course modest, we want to ensure systems are working efficiently and properly.  APX has invested in robust and modern trading architecture which we are confident will provide an excellent and reliable platform as we exponentially grow in the coming months and years.
“Our vision is to be a vibrant marketplace with direct investment capability in both Australian dollars and Chinese renminbi by both Australian domiciled and Chinese domiciled investors.  We look forward to establishing a market in which investors will be able to both trade and settle in RMB,” David Lawrence said.
Australia Samly Holdings Limited (APX Code: 8SA), which raised $4.6 million, opened at $1.08, 8 cents above its $1.00 issue price. ZhongHuanYun Holdings Group Limited (APX Code: 8ZH), which raised $3.5 million, opened at 90 cents, 14 cents above its 76 cents issue price.