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Trading technology

Singapore Roundtable: Maximising Your Data

Singapore RoundTable 15_1The discussion also broadened out to consider a multi-asset aspect, as the differences between data sets and clients in the cash and derivatives business can be another area for development for the exchanges. While the relationship between the two was firmly established, differences in micro-structure, speed of trading, and regulation lead to very different methods of generating and capturing the data and of the needs of the clients. Marrying the two together is another future challenge worth considering.
Sources and types of data are expanding all the time, but so is how that data can be sliced, packaged and analysed, both for internal use and as a product: exchanges need to see what their peers are doing and get ahead of the curve to make the most of their data.
Parasuraman Nurani at SNG roundtable
Singapore RoundTable 15_2


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