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Q3 2022 Articles

My City: Melbourne

With Marija Janchovski, Head of Equities Trading, Asia Pacific, Vanguard Australia

What’s your favorite thing about Melbourne? 

I do love the coffee culture, which is more than the amazing coffee. It’s also the conversations about which new place opened up in which alley close to the office, the quirky interiors, meetings over coffee, time with friends over coffee.

Least favorite thing? 

The distance from many other places in the world. 10h to Hong Kong, 20h to London, 24h to New York. Add to that the jet lag on the way to getting somewhere and back, makes one think twice before booking a plane ticket.

What are your go-to restaurant(s)? 

Tough one, Melbourne is the foodie capital of Australia. I complained about international travel, but one can get pretty much any world cuisine in Melbourne. I don’t know about one restaurant – the quintessential smashed avo for brunch on the weekend, Italian on Lygon Street, Middle Eastern on Sydney Road, a few nice steakhouses in the CBD.   

What recreational activities are good? 

It is a sports city, whether one is a player or spectator. We also have great beaches and mountains. I would list coffee and food here as well – one can’t have a weekend without trying something new or going to a “good-old” place.

What cultural centers/activities are good? 

There are many, but I would recommend just wandering around the city, soaking up the vibe, doing a bit of shopping, a stroll along the river in Southbank, pause for a drink. The National Gallery of Victoria and a lot of performance centres are there too, so always plenty going on.

How’s the weather? 

Not too bad – maybe this gives away that I am not a Melburnian by birth. (I can complain and wear black like one, of course.)

How is Melbourne returning to post-Covid normal? 

We had 260 days under restrictions during the pandemic, so no wonder we are a bit over home-renovation projects and takeaway food. First timidly due to Covid fears, but now very strongly, we are going out, seeing friends, eating out, travelling. Life is good.

If Melbourne were a stock, what would be the long-term reason to own it? 

Highly ranked in The Economist’s Livability Index. It has dropped from #1 to #10 in recent years partly due to our Covid restrictions, but it’s safe, with great infrastructure, and opportunities for both leisure and a career.

This article first appeared in the Q3 2022 issue of GlobalTrading.