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Articles Q2 2021 Archive

My City: Louisville, Kentucky

What’s your favorite thing about Louisville? 

Number one, without a doubt, is the Kentucky Derby. Everyone needs to experience all the events leading up to the Derby and then race day itself on the first Saturday in May. 

Least favorite thing?

I like to travel, so having a smaller airport that requires connecting through a major city makes for a bit more of planning when deciding where to go. 

Chris Fiorito, River Road Asset Management

What restaurant(s) would you cite for excellence?

Louisville is a foodie town. You can find any type of food you are craving in the city. A few of my favorites are: Jack Fry’s, Barn8, Porcini’s, and 610 Magnolia.

What recreational activities are especially good?

If you like bourbon, the Kentucky Bourbon Trail is a fun experience. We have professional men and women’s soccer teams, a fantastic park system designed by Frederick Law Olmstead (designer of Central Park in NYC), and local street festivals and events throughout the spring and summer.

What cultural activities are especially good?

Louisville has a growing and vibrant community that includes places like the Speed Art Museum, Muhamad Ali Center, Kentucky Center for the Arts, and Louisville Ballet.

How’s the weather?

Louisville gives you a taste of all four seasons, with a long summer being the highlight.

How has Louisville changed amid COVID?

Much like anywhere in the world, the city had become quiet and less crowded, but over the past few months the city has come alive as restrictions have been lifted – stores, restaurants, and events are all back up and running.

If Louisville were a stock, what would be the long-term bull thesis?

Louisville is a value stock that is undervalued, with a high and growing dividend.