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My City: London

With Karen Zachary, CEO, CRUX Asset Management

Karen Zachary, CRUX Asset Management

What’s your favourite thing about London? 

The culture and history available for all to see as you stroll around — when there’s time of course. 

Least favourite thing?

Queues on the underground (in normal, non-pandemic times), especially when there are delays, and the homeless folk who are around make me feel saddened. 

What restaurant(s) would you cite for excellence? 

Such a huge selection but near where I work we have the old school Langans and more exclusive places like Murano and Nobu which are all very different in style and food offerings. London is always great to find a good old-fashioned café for a big breakfast in areas like Shepherds Market too. 

What recreational activities are especially good?

The parks such as Hyde Park, Regents Park and St James’s park are amazing places to walk, run or perhaps take a boat on the Serpentine. Richmond Park is best for cycling. In winter the pop-up ice rinks are great fun for all. 

What cultural activities are especially good?

West End Theatre has to be the one. 

How’s the weather?

The weather is simply British with some beautiful, sunny (occasionally crisp) days and then the next is wet and windy…

How has London changed amid COVID-19?

Like everywhere in these strange times, London is quiet and subdued. When we are not in lockdown there is still a bustling pub to be found, but the atmosphere is not quite the same, sadly. The pity is that some of the restaurants that are family-run are closing or really struggling to survive. There are also so few people around but it remains encouraging that we do still see some tourists walking the streets. 

If London were a stock, what’s the long-term bull thesis?

London is one of the biggest financial centres in the world and will remain that way, I hope, after Brexit. Definitely a long-term growth proposition to hold onto or buy now.