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My City: London

With Alastair Clarke, European Equity Trader, Capital Group 

What’s your favorite thing about London? 

I just find London entertaining. After 25 years of working in London, a new, one-off, never-heard-before story from a London cab driver always puts a smile on my face. “Never guess who I had in the back of my cab today…!” 

Least favorite ? 

The current redesigning of the road system. It’s becoming harder and harder to move efficiently above ground. Although if you’re a walker, it’s a benefit. Central London is surprisingly compact. 

What are your go-to restaurant(s)? 

Wow, where to start, not short of a few in London. For the absolute foodie best, Marcus at the Berkeley. For the less known open firepit cookery experience, BRAT in Shoreditch. 

What recreational activities are good? 

There is no better place that offers you architecture, history, theatre, restaurants, parks, sporting events and music gigs. Take your pick, large or intimate, London has it all.  

I’m a tourist in for one day. What off-the-beaten-path activity or attraction would you recommend? 

Book a Thames Rib Boat Experience. Great sights, great facts, and when the boat speed turns up to 11, great exhilaration. 

How is London returning to post-Covid normal? 

London has returned remarkably quickly. Londoners and those commuting are fully embracing kick-starting back to a ‘normal’ existence. Especially if the restaurant bookings are anything to go by. Everywhere is fully booked!

If London were a stock, what would be the long-term reason to own it? 

Despite probably trading at the top end of valuation versus its peers, London is a core holding based on the return it offers you, the ever diverse and changing portfolio alongside the snippets of great undiscovered opportunities. You just can’t not have it.