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My City: Hong Kong

Francis So, BNP Paribas Asset Management

With Francis So, Head of Trading, APAC, BNP Paribas Asset Management

What’s your favorite thing about Hong Kong? 

Its convenience and efficiency of getting things done. 

Least favorite thing?

High cost of rent compared to value for money. 

 What restaurant(s) would you cite for excellence?

Lots of great restaurants with varying price ranges. Buenos Aires Polo Club for steak, Chiu Chow Delicacies, La Rambla by Catalunya.

What recreational activities are especially good?

Hiking…..great trails with various levels of difficulties for all ages. 

What cultural activities are especially good?

Not sure if you can count horses racing as a cultural activity but it’s always great fun.

How’s the weather?

Having lived in HK for such a long time, I have acclimatized but humidity is still a killer. 

How has HK changed amid COVID?

Much like anywhere in the world, the city has become quiet and less crowded but the vibrancy is still there. 

If Hong Kong were a stock, what’s the long-term bull thesis?

Growth stock. Hong Kong is highly adaptable and resilient.