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My City: Dublin

With Joe Collery, Head of Trading, Comgest

What’s your favorite thing about Dublin? 

Its size. You can go from the busy city centre to the quiet mountains in 15 minutes.

Least favorite thing?

Public transport system, while undergoing a revamp, is still far from efficient.

What restaurant(s) would you cite for excellence?

Taste at Rustic is a firm favourite, while the Vintage Kitchen is a hidden gem.

What recreational activities are especially good?

For outdoor types, Kite surfing at Dollymount Strand has become increasingly popular as well as numerous mountain biking trails across the Dublin mountains.

What cultural activities are especially good?

It’s a cliché by now but to understand the Irish culture is to understand its people. Simply pull up a stool at any pub to be regaled with Irish folklore through song.

How’s the weather?

If you enjoy a touch of rain, this is the place to be.

How has Dublin changed amid COVID?

There has been a remarkable increase in outdoor activity, and in particular running. Scenic running spots which were popular amongst the few weekend warriors are now heaving on frosty Sunday mornings.

If Dublin were a stock, what would be the long-term bull thesis?

Extremely favourable, from our tax regime and supportive environment for start-ups, to the availability of a well-educated workforce and geographical location, Dublin has a solid long term growth trajectory.

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