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Multi-Protocol Automated Testing as Strategic Competitive Advantage

As financial firms in all tiers come to realize that trading technologies are the bridge between business ideas and client fees, those who can cross this bridge faster will inevitably win the clients and their fees.
The Technology Pipeline
The engine of profitability that turns ideas into profits is now a “Technology Pipeline” akin to an assembly line through which innovative business ideas are implemented and delivered to clients. The shorter the pipeline, the larger and quicker the fees.
Regardless of the tactical model, Agile or Waterfall, its stages are the same: business analysis, development and testing.Technology Delivery Pipeline
Building the shortest pipeline and guaranteeing its uptime, regulatory compliance and quality while pushing business ideas through is a challenge faced by many firms trying to remain competitive.
The Nozomi Enterprise Testing platform (ETP) shortens this Technology Pipeline by drastically reducing testing cycles from weeks and months down to minutes and across all business areas: capital markets, treasuries, wealth management, payments, retail and everywhere else technology is the fundamental driver.
Deliver Applications Faster and Better
Whether the owner of a sports car is engine-savvy or not, what’s taking him or her to the finish line faster is a well-tuned engine made of nuts and bolts. Similarly, regardless of whether the IT department is only considered a cost-centre, the modern engine of banking is made of interconnected software systems and a well-tuned Technology Pipeline will reflect business ideas to the bottom line faster.
The Nozomi platform gives users the means to deliver revenue-generating ideas faster to clients, transforming Test Automation from a cost harmonization exercise to a Strategic Competitive Advantage.
Future-Proof Extensibility
Nozomi is composed of client/server applications that centralize testing activities within one framework and can be leveraged across all business lines. Because of its unique multi-protocol capabilities it connects to financial systems across the widest range of technologies: FIX, SWIFT, Fidessa, Murex, TIBCO RV/EMS, Informatica UMS (29-West), Solace, MQ, ActivFinancial and proprietary protocols.
Nozomi protocol plug-ins enable the same toolset to be deployed to other areas of the business easily.
Front-To-Back coverage across all business lines is what makes Nozomi ETP unique in the market today.
The Nozomi suite of applications includes Nozomi Studio, a workstation application to create tests and system simulators.
The Nozomi Execution Server to schedule execution of tests and for data reporting.
The Nozomi Simulation Server to deploy system simulators that create a virtualized environment of downstream systems.
And the Nozomi Certification Server, where client on-boarding and certification is carried out automatically for FIX and other protocols.Nozomi ETP Protocol-Independent Libraries
As a case in point, a leading Japanese bank has integrated Nozomi ETP within their delivery pipeline. By achieving fast automated testing of strategic business applications they are able push trading ideas through their architecture faster than the competition.
Because of its modular architecture, Nozomi can be deployed to different business areas in stages: e.g. starting with FIX and moving downstream though the front-office, middle-office, back-office, and settlement systems; and then horizontally to F&O, FX, FICC, Risk and other verticals.
Power and ease-of-use
In order to deliver the most benefits to the largest audience the design principles underlying the Nozomi roadmap maintain the right balance between ease-of-use and powerful functionality. Nozomi achieves this with a simple and intuitive graphical UI that does away with scripting and programming, coupled with a modular architecture that permits the addition of new functionality via plug-in modules and packages for custom testing commands. This way both developers, business analysts and QA practitioners can use the same toolset for all testing activities.
A client-driven roadmap
Because support for new protocols and custom commands is added via plug-ins users can collaborate with Esprow to expand capabilities to proprietary systems and unique testing requirements.
The current technology roadmap includes integration of GUI testing applications, 3rd-party systems, mainframe connectivity and data reconciliation testing.
Nozomi can be deployed in enterprise, managed and hosted modes and is supported by Esprow professional services and our network of global partners.
ROI & Purchase Process
Typical ROI period for the Nozomi platform is 3 months from the go-live and during the purchase process clients have access to Cost/Benefit Analysis, Case Studies, Customer Testimonials, Proof-of-Concepts and Application Demos.Nozomiwww.esprow.com
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