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Kuala Lumpur: The Internal And External Drive For Reform

Regional regulatory reform, such as the algorithmic regulation in Hong Kong, and the T+2 shift in Singapore, will also have an effect in Kuala Lumpur, and firms would be wise to look ahead to potential regulatory change.
The major takeaways from the event were focused on the infrastructure of attendee firms – don’t rely too heavily on a single vendor for software or market data. Transparency is a global trend, and firms are wise to begin opening up to ensure that regulators and clients alike are aware of changing requirements. This feeds into a continuing trend around unbundling of services, which while still slow on the uptake in Asia will continue to grow. Malaysia is well placed to continue to grow as a regional market, but it needs to be aware of changes happening in Hong Kong and Singapore, and make sure that technology is standardised and compatible to ensure maximum market growth.
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