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How Your Mind Works When Trading

By Storm Copestake

What comes over you when you get in to a trade? You are a have solid knowledge of the markets, you can clearly see your trade coming up, and all of your trade requirements are fulfilled, but as you’re about to enter the trade your heart rate increases, your palms get sweaty, you start to second guess your decision and look for excuses not to pull the trigger. Maybe you do get in to the trade, but now, instead of sitting back and following your trading plan, you look for the first opportunity to move you stop loss, even though you know you shouldn’t! The story goes on.

You know and understand that winning or losing is a part of trading. You accept it, and you are prepared for it before your day starts. Then something happens when you get into a trade, and you become powerless to stop your destructive behaviours. What has happened to your logic, and what is happening in your mind?

Every person holds subconscious habits and beliefs about money, and you may or may not be aware of them. These are most likely rooted in your childhood experiences, things you overheard or were told as a child. Do any of these sound familiar?

“I’m scared I won’t have enough money”

“Money is the root of all evil”

“Money is not important. It’s only money”

“The rich get richer and the poor get poorer”

“I’m just not good with money”

“My family has never been rich”

“Money is a limited resource”

“You have to be either rich or happy, you can’t be both”

“It’s selfish to want a lot of money”

“Easy comes easy go”

This is what is happening: your subconscious beliefs create your thoughts, your thoughts create your feelings, your feelings lead to behaviour, your behaviour creates results, ad your results strengthen your subconscious beliefs. It’s a perpetual pattern.

You consciously want to be a successful trader, you have all the ability and knowledge to achieve that, but your subconscious keeps pulling you down. These beliefs are driving your trading when you are under pressure. The only way to over come this is by clearing those unhelpful negative beliefs and creating new trading beliefs that allows your brain to manage the uncertainty.

Examine your own beliefs about money. Are they helping you or hampering you as a trader? You need to become aware of and change those negative, limiting beliefs that you hold about money, that keep your trading account from shrinking or remaining at break even.

During an RTT session, under hypnosis we uncover exactly what your limiting beliefs are, and where they have stemmed from. We then resolve the issues, using a couple of different tools and then reprogram the subconscious with new, affirming and positive beliefs. For more information you can book for a call here.

*Traders Mindset Top Tip*

Getting in to the right mindset

Before you start your trading day, try following these suggestions so that you begin in the right frame of mind.

Get up early – give yourself enough time to ensure you have everything set up and you are not rushed.
Get your head in the right place – take a few minutes to meditate or do some deep breathing so that you have a good positive mental attitude before you start.

Storm is a qualified Rapid Transformational Therapist, and Certified Hypnotherapist specialising in helping traders overcome mindset and psychological blocks.