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Trading technology

Finding The Right Mix: Outsourcing Technology In A Changing Regulatory Environment

George Rosenberger
Leo Li
Zhuang Zhuang
The conclusive theme was, as it has been for some time, that firms are continually trying to have to do more with less. Budgets are smaller, teams are smaller, and markets are increasingly complex and heavily regulated. How firms shift some of their technology to outsourcing, and how that can be used and standardised to help with second level functionality such as compliance and back office technology, will be a defining conversation ongoing across the industry. The balance between stable technology and innovation, and between risk and security are the two main variables that vendors have to attempt to take into account when talking to clients, and the sell-side and buy-side have to examine internal policies and philosophy and decide which precise mix of this balance they want themselves. The attendees of the roundtable each agreed that their precise mix and approach will be different, but all need to take a more detailed look at their technology, and what can be outsourced.
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