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Electronic Trading Information Template to help streamline the due diligence process of firms

The FIX Trading Community, alongside other leading industry bodies in the Asia Pacific region, including; Alternative Investment Management Association, Asia Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, Asia Trader Forum and Hong Kong Investment Funds Association, are pleased to offer our respective members an Electronic Trading Information Template.
In the context of the amendments to the Code of Conduct for Persons Licensed by or Registered with Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC Code of Conduct”) and the Fund Manager Code of Conduct (“Fund Manager Code”) relating to electronic trading, (which will take effect on 1 January 2014), the Electronic Trading Information Template will help streamline the due diligence process of firms that are seeking to obtain electronic trading services, by establishing a common framework for the information requested and disclosed by electronic trading service providers.
The Template has been created for the benefit of all industry participants, and is an example of the practical results achieved through the collaboration of some key industry associations in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region.
Asia Pacific Regional Committee Co-Chair Emma Quinn said “This has been one of the strongest and all-encompassing industry collaborations I have witnessed in my career in trading.  It reminded me of the spirit of how FIX was conceived when buy-side market participants came together to solve a problem that required collaboration from their counterparties and competitors.  I would struggle to find a similar example in the recent past.  This effort has resulted in enabling market participants to start off on equal footing as they address their regulatory obligations individually.”
For convenience, you can download the Template in both .PDF and .xlxs formats below: