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David Rogers on Women in Finance

0Ahead of our inaugural Women in Finance Awards event in Hong Kong, planned for May 3rd, organized by GlobalTrading Journal and Markets Media, we reached out to David Rogers, Managing Director at State Street Global Advisors and one of the founding members of the advisory board for his thoughts on the topic.

1. What is the importance of an event recognizing top women in finance in Asia?
Because it serves to recognize the key role women play in our industry. Although under-represented, there are supremely talented women in very important positions. Further, it provides an example of why younger women should consider a career in the financial industry, that recognition can be achieved, and the industry is being inclusive and progressive.

2. How do women in finance add value for their firms and their industry?
I wouldn’t necessarily frame it as “adding value”; it’s more of a case of how women add diversity of thought to a business function. Having balanced teams – which include people of different backgrounds – makes a huge difference to the intellectual output produced, the creative flair, as well as the day-to-day, operational output in a practical sense. Women add a completely different perspective/approach when it comes to problem solving, idea generation and help foster a more rounded (and grounded!) culture to any team.

3. How can men support the advancement of women in finance?
It is critical men provide support. In my experience, men are not the sole ‘problem’ in terms of why women are under-represented, but as the majority group in the financial industry, they have an enormous responsibility to provide the right environment in which women can thrive and perform. It has to be a collaboration! Leading men in the industry should be advocates for all the great work women do, demonstrating this through active involvement, hiring policy and public viewpoints about the issue.

Women in Finance Asia Awards
Markets Media’s Women in Finance Awards event in New York has more than quadrupled since its 2015 launch, to more than 400 attendees last year. The strong market reception reflects the fact that women are an indomitable force in the financial sector, and their influence and stature will only expand in the future. We believe same holds in Asia. With your support we would like to recreate this industry event for the Asian market to recognize and promote female talent in the region.

WIF program recognizes the most talented and accomplished women in multiple categories across the business of finance. WIF nominees may come from buy-side and sell- side trading desks, institutional investors, wealth managers, securities exchanges, technology providers, corporate finance, venture capital firms, start-ups — really any area within the financial sector that women are making their mark.

Learn more about Women in Finance Asia Awards here: https://www.marketsmedia.com/women-in-finance-asia/