UK Foresight Project: The Future of Computer Trading in Financial Markets


By Foresight Project

The Future of Computer Trading in Financial Markets Working Paper

Commissioned by the Foresight Project, a part of the UK Government Office for Science, this report is a series of papers examining the effects of electronic trading on capital markets. These papers specifically address the effect of computer trading on financial stability, the benefits that computer trading has had on liquidity, price efficiency and transaction costs and the technology that undergirds all of this.

Lead Expert group overseeing the project:
Dame Clara Furse DBE – Non-Executive Director, Nomura
Andy Haldane – Executive Director for Financial Stability at the Bank of England
Professor Charles Goodhart – Professor of Finance, London School of Economics
Professor Dave Cliff – Professor of Computer Science, University of Bristol
Dr Jean-Pierre Zigrand – Reader in Finance, London School of Economics
Kevin Houstoun – Chairman, Rapid Addition; Co-Chair, Global Technical Committee, FIX Protocol Limited
Professor Oliver Linton – Chair of Political Economy, Cambridge University
Professor Philip Bond – Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

To download the whitepaper click here. To view the entire series of working papers, click here to visit the Foresight Project.