Franklin Templeton AIR Summit 2015: Changing Technology, Finding Alpha – Part 3


By Michael Lynch, Managing Director of Senior Relationship Management, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
First of all, the conference was a great event, and an innovative effort to understand the buy/sell-side challenges that they face every day, including understanding big data and behavioural changes to markets, all the way from PM to Traders.
The conference tackled some really big themes last year, and this year a central theme was thinking about whether a given piece of data is a signal or noise.
The content was extraordinarily relevant and the organization and timing in the first quarter of the year, was great.
It covered a wider range of impactful solutions that address multiple forms of alpha generation. This year, there was a number of breakout sessions to understand and address the challenges faced by the trading desks, in a world where we all have to work smarter and faster to gain an edge in the marketplace.
I think the money managers, particularly those with large platforms, have the money to make the investment to push these innovative technologies into execution. There is also definite scope and potential to make the same investment into their portfolio management process to introduce these new products into their workflow, particularly as it applies to data mining to help their fundamental research go even further.
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