FPL Co-Chair Updates Feb 2012


By Annie Walsh, Jim Kaye, Zoltan Feledy, Stuart Baden Powell

As a member-led organization, FIX Protocol Ltd (FPL) empowers its members. Hear from some of the women and men who run the committees and working groups about the diverse, global initiatives within FPL. 
FPL Global Steering Committee Co-Chair, Jim Kaye
The GSC conducted its annual strategy planning session late last year and has been working to implement the outputs from that session. Specifically, the GSC will be focusing FPL on regulatory and market structure initiatives particularly in fixed income and OTC derivatives, and also investing in the protocol suite itself, with FIX 5.0 Service Pack 3, the Interparty Latency work and high performance protocol all delivering in 2012.
FPL EMEA Regional Co-Chair, Stuart Baden Powell
We continue to add value to our EMEA trading community and this year sees the development of the Investment Management and continental European based working groups. FPL EMEA is also at the forefront of ensuring the benefits of standards are clearly understood in the formulation of regulation, presenting significant advantages to all market participants.
FPL Asia Pacific Regional Co-Chair, Zoltan Feledy
The various subcommittees and working groups in the Asia Pacific region have been hard at work as we began implementing our recently created road map. We have rekindled the buy-side group with fresh leadership on the heels of the many successes of its global counterparts. Our education and marketing committee has been busy organizing the many conferences slated for this year while coordinating efforts to work with regulators in the region. One of our main goals as a regional committee is to start working more closely with Japan so we can all benefit from the vibrant sharing of ideas that is keeping the Asia Pacific region at the top of its game. 
FPL Membership Services Committee, Annie Walsh
The FPL Membership Services Committee plays an important role in providing members with a forum to collaboratively discuss and agree initiatives designed to grow the membership base and further enhance the unique industry benefits offered to buy and sell side firms, vendors, regulators, trading venues and industry associations. In 2012, implementation of several new initiatives will focus specifically on enabling firms to better leverage their strategic and operational association with the FIX Protocol organization.